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Why I choose Yi Quan and Tai Chi? 

Internal Kung Fu styles that take you to the essence of martial art

✔   I chose Yi Quan because it is the means by which you can quickly get in touch with the most authentic aspect of Kung Fu (without getting lost in frills and long methods)


   I chose Yi Quan because it is an “honest” style, in the sense that it does not lead you to attachments of styles, but only highlights yourself. The Yi Quan makes you free.


   I chose Yi Quan because it works on the intention, on the mental part of the individual, it is also practical in combat and functional.

And what is your goal in the martial art?

Internal styles: Yi Quan and Tai Chi

The interior styles par excellence I have chosen to study are Yi Quan and the Tai Chi (yang style and chen style).

Yi Quan and Tai Chi are two internal styles of Chinese martial arts that focus on the development and strengthening of internal energy, so much so that they are considered both effective styles from the martial point of view, and excellent methods to improve the own health.

Yi Quan is the result of the research of Master Wang Xiang Zhai, – skilled practitioner of the Xing Yi Quan and Xin Yi Quan styles – who had the goal of going to research the “essential” and “primordial” movements of Kung Fu.

Thanks to the structure of Yi Quan, the practitioner can rediscover the primordial naturalness of the movement, awakening the innate capacities of self-defense, allowing it to react with immediacy and explosive strength in the face of danger, as the animals instinctively do.

What can they serve you for?

Yi Quan is the highest expression of Kung Fu, which is to evoke and awaken all those resources that allow the practitioner to combine the internal strength with the external one by fusing all the parts of the body.

Furthermore, we move from “studying” the techniques to “making them happen” in the most instinctive world.

The emphasis is on the intention that acts on the body, like the string of a bow just before hurling the arrow.

From a martial point of view, internal styles can be for you the natural continuation of your journey in the martial arts. In fact, as many Chinese Masters explain, internal styles are learned more easily by the already experienced practitioner (who has already practiced a martial art). Taking into account the health aspect and spiritual evolution, these styles have been structured to give the person a connection with everything that surrounds him, with the aim of achieving inner balance.

My experience

Since I was a child, I have always had the natural propensity to martial art, attending first courses of Kung Fu Shaolin. The external styles of Kung Fu allowed me to have a technical background from which to study Kung Fu’s internal styles.

After comparing myself with other Masters and having studied several styles, I started looking for a martial arts Master who would teach me something that would go to recall the real purpose of the martial art. In this way I discovered Yi Quan. Yi Quan is the key to entering that layer of martial art study that allows you to capture all those secrets, those peculiarities that otherwise would be difficult to refine in other practices.

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